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The Chongqing Basic Education Development Forum was held in 2024

On April 2nd, the Chongqing Basic Education Development Forum in 2024 was held in Chongqing No. 1 Middle School.More than 800 teachers and teachers from Chongqing and Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Yibin, Ya’an, and Ya’an from Chongqing City and Sichuan Province participated.This forum focuses on the theme of “Xinzhuyue Class Construction of Core Literacy” themes, which aims to vigorously promote the implementation of the curriculum plan and curriculum standards, further deepen the reform of curriculum teaching, and promote the change of classroom education.The forum was hosted by the Chongqing Institute of Education and Science.
Forum scene.Photographed by Tang Wenyu
Fan Qingze delivered a speech.Photographed by Tang Wenyu
The opening ceremony was chaired by Wan Li Xiu, deputy dean of the Chongqing Academy of Education and Science.Fan Qingze, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chongqing Academy of Education and Science, delivered a speech.In his opinion, the core of comprehensively improving the quality of school education is to effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching. Building a platform support for new and excellent classrooms that point to core literacy need to communicate and learn from each other.Therefore, he hopes to rely on the city’s high -quality resources in the city to initiate the establishment of several community of primary and secondary schools based on common vision and value pursuit, adhere to problem -oriented, target -oriented, and effect -oriented research, to carry out research on educational theory and education practice reasonably, and continue to promote resource connection.The smooth information and the integration of ideas, and make new contributions to the improvement of the quality of education and teaching in primary and secondary schools in the city.
Tang Hongyu delivered a speech.Photographed by Tang Wenyu
Tang Hongyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing No. 1 Middle School, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.He said that the classroom is the main position of school education and teaching. Pay attention to and study classroom teaching is the inheritance of the long history of Chongqing No. 1 Middle School.He elaborated in detail the improvement model of the classroom teaching system established in the first middle of the middle, and shared it for everyone from the top ten efforts point for the improvement of classroom teaching.
A certificate is issued to the winners.Photographed by Tang Wenyu
The community of development community of ordinary high schools in Chongqing was established.Photographed by Tang Wenyu
At the opening ceremony, the “core literacy orientation of primary and secondary school classroom teaching” reform practice was a typical case winning list, and awarded the award -winning certificate to the winners.It also released the results of the course of education.In addition, the Chongqing Institute of Education and Science and Chongqing Daily signed a cooperation agreement.Subsequently, at the opening ceremony, the development community of ordinary high schools in Chongqing City was established.
In the main forum, Li Guang, a professor at Northeast Normal University, reported on “Structural Teaching Design -Pointing to the Construction of Classroom Teaching of Human Modernization”.He pointed out that teaching design is a prerequisite assumption, integrated plan and creative idea of teaching activities.Structural teaching design is a large unit, scene -type, and integrated teaching planning and creation process with aimed at the goal of pointing to “human modernization”.Cheng Shangrong, a researcher at the Jiangsu Academy of Education and Science, focused on the theme report of the theme of “Establishment and Implementation of Several” Concepts “in classroom teaching reform in high -quality development vision”.He pointed out that teaching every student well and running each school must start with each class, and the high quality of the classroom can support high -quality education.Students are not only learners, they are also ideological workers, spiritual workers, and emotional workers. The classroom is not only a place for students to learn, but also a jumping board for students to develop. It is a place for Chinese culture to grow soft power.New and excellent classrooms that point to core literacy must grasp the core “concepts” of courses such as students’ educating people, centered on student learning, teaching according to their aptitude, and discipline practice.
The era of high -quality development requires a high -quality education system, and the high -quality education system must be inseparable from classroom teaching reform.At the scene, Wan Lixiu interpreted the Five -Year Plan for the Five -Year Primary and Middle School New Excellent Class Construction of Primary and Secondary Schools in the core literacy.The plan signs the blueprint for the city’s teaching reform in the aspects of guiding ideology, action goals, key tasks and organizational implementation.
At the parallel forum in the afternoon, representatives from middle schools and universities from Chongqing and Sichuan shared the practice of core literacy teaching in various disciplines.At the forum, Zhou Yuanghong, vice president of Chongqing First Middle School, conducted a theme exchanges on “Return to the essential logic of teaching and stimulates classroom innovation consciousness”.
“At present, all kinds of educational concepts and new preparations are complicated. What we have to do is to return to the essence of teaching.” Zhou Yuhong said: “We must go back to the real occurrence of learning. Teachers must fully let students practice, move our mouths to say that we will say that we will say that we will say that we will talk about it., Do it, think about the brain, grasp the inherent logic of knowledge from a lot of emotional understanding and behavior practice, master the essence of knowledge, and become boring and passive learning to actively learn, not performing or walking processes. “(Yuan Jie)
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