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alert!In addition to "Tongcheng Finance", this hidden "loan empire" interest rate is as high as 126 %

With the recovery of consumption, the rejuvenation of the high profit of the convergence came back.Unlike previously relying on leases and storage cards to lend loans, recently, the “guarantee department” lending platform has gradually flourished.The first financial reporter’s investigation found that the surface interest rate of such platforms is below 24%. The actual use of guarantee fees and membership fees increases the cost of loan, and the annualized interest rate has exceeded the red line, and some are as high as 40%to 126%.
Another year of the year, under strict supervision, how does such platforms cover and solicit customers?Behind the routine, how does the platform operate?What are the risks behind?Recently, the First Financial Reporter investigated the loan APP of such “guarantee departments” through actual testing and found that operators set up complex corporate networks, and “” operated multiple illegal platforms. These platforms have strong concealment. Through “Shell “APP jumps, introduce the fee for the guarantee company.And borrowers not only face high repayment costs, but also have many risks such as information leakage and collection.
Plus guarantee fee
“After borrowing channels that can be borrowed, this type of ‘guarantee system’ platform was found in an advertising pop -up window.” Li Ming (a pseudonym) who engaged in coffee shop business in Shenzhen was forced to turn toThird -party institution borrowing.
Li Ming first borrowed 1,800 yuan on an APP called “Cherry Hui”, with a period of one month. The official poster showed that the lowest annualized interest rate for loans was 14.4%.
But behind the reasonable interest rate, hidden hidden guarantee fees are hidden.When Li Ming goes through the loan procedures, the system shows that after evaluation, the “guarantee premium” of 168 yuan is required. The fee does not refund it, and the guarantee cannot be repeated.
This directly pushed Li Ming’s borrowing cost.According to the data provided by Li Ming, the actual borrowing amount was 1,800 yuan, the cost of paying for one month was about 190 yuan, and the actual annualized interest rate was as high as 126%.
In addition to the guarantee fee, there are also platforms to collect membership fees to increase borrowing costs.When testing a borrowing platform called “Loin Loan”, the reporter found that the platform needs to buy members monthly to be qualified to be qualified for lending.The cost of membership fees is also not low. For example, if the loan is 4200 yuan for 1 month, the membership fee of 138 yuan and a guarantee fee of 252 yuan will be paid. The annualized interest rate after calculation is as high as 111%.
The platform’s advertising page and APP application interface on the front end did not inform the borrower in advance that there may be additional guarantee costs and membership costs. Borrowers usually know the addition of personal credit information and wait for the “next payment” before they know the additional additional funds.Payment guarantee fees and specific amounts of membership fees.
According to a reporter’s investigation, such platforms are currently “horses” in the market.According to incomplete statistics from reporters, there are more than ten guarantee system loan platforms including Ledu Loan, Weixiangjia, Rongyou, Xiao Orange, and Weixiangjia. The actual annualized interest rate of borrowing ranges from 40%to 126%.
Complaints about such “guarantee departments” lending platforms have also increased.On a third -party complaint platform on the Internet, the reporter saw that many borrowers reported that these platforms had problems such as excessive guarantee costs, not fulfilling the obligations of advance informs, unable to view the borrowing contract after borrowing, and violent collection.
Copy operation of “borrowing loan shell”?
After the actual measurement of multiple guarantees was the lending platform, the First Financial reporter found that these platforms have many similarity in the interface design, borrowing rules, and loan companies. They are suspected of “copying” operations and are very concealed in communication and promotion.
The hidden communication is first reflected in multi -layer jump.For example, the “Cherry” borrowing platform does not have an official app. After the borrowers enter from the advertisement, the first thing that jumps is a information app named “Jugang Rong”. Only the second link of the APP can enter “Cherry Hui “” borrowing platform.The “Jugang Rong” app itself does not have the information function that can be available. The first screen of multiple sections shows “upgrade”, and only the “cherry exchange” product entrance can enter normally.
Similarly, there is also the “Little Orange” guarantee is a loan platform. The platform cannot be downloaded directly and needs to be jumped through a shopping app called “stocking turtle”.
According to industry analysts, “Jugang Rong” and “stocking turtles” are likely to be “loan shells”. They are actually used as diversion intermediaries to avoid supervision.
Another hidden operation is to collect money by guarantee the company.According to the information provided by the interviewees, the guarantee fees of some lending platforms are not directly charged by the platform, but are collected by the guarantee company.According to the historical borrowing information provided by the respondents, the reporter noticed that one of the companies that collect the guarantee in the “Little Orange Yi” borrowing are thestate”).The guarantee cost of “Cherry” is partially charged by Han Yin Financial guarantee company.
The reporter’s investigation found that some guarantee companies have inextricable connections with the loan platform.For example, “Zhongrong Anbang” and “Little Orange Yi” registered company Shenzhen Micridy Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Micron”) is the same.He has participated in the “Micro Mi -Department” company Shenzhen Microcya Lianzhong Technology Enterprise (Limited Partnership).
In this regard, Shenzhen microns responded to the First Financial and said that they did not have any cooperation with Zhongrong Anbang, and the personal matters of the investor had nothing to do with it.”Our company has paid attention to the messy behavior of the agency company and will take further action.”
According to people familiar with the matter, the name of the guarantee fee is actually equivalent to interest. Most of the associated guarantee companies “vests” are mostly to cover up the real interest rates of the platform.When investors apply for arbitration, the platform can be charged in the name of guaranteed premiums.
It is worth noting that with the rapid expansion of the “vest”, the interface design of the above ten platforms above is similar, and the loan process is almost “copy and paste”: most of the borrowers jump from online advertising links.Pay a guarantee fee in advance to borrow “pay” and repay after 1 to 3 months.If it is overdue, it will enter the collection process, partly involving violent collection.
(“Little Orange Yi” and “Cherry” borrowing page are similar to the height)
Hidden “Loan Empire”
Behind the loan platform of the guarantee is repeatedly banned, how does the operator go?The first financial reporter “Shun Teng” tracking survey found that some operators use small loan companies as the core to build a complex company network and operate multiple “guarantee” borrowing platforms.
Related information shows that “Rongyou Hua” and other platforms are registered and established by Ganzhou Yushang Micro Loan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ganzhou Yushang Small Loan”);(Here referred to as “Guangzhou Xingguang Micro Loan”) is established; behind the “micro -enjoys” and “borrow you” is the registration of Shenzhen Guangsheng Micro Loan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Guangsheng Small Loan”).
According to consumer feedback on a complaint platform, one of the lenders of the platforms such as “Little Orange” and “Cherry” is also Guangzhou Starlight Small Loan.
The three small loan companies have inextricable connections with Shenzhen microns.Shenzhen micrometer holds 100%of Ganzhou Yushang Micro loan and 40%of Guangzhou Starlight Micro Loan.Shenzhen micrometer shareholders Shenzhen Hairun Tianchen Information Technology Co., Ltd. indirectly holds 100%of Shenzhen Guangsheng Small Loan.
“In simple terms, Shenzhen Microcytomy is the core of small loan companies. It has used its subsidiary relationship network to create a number of ‘guarantee departments’ borrowing platforms.” An industry person told reporters.
According to the above -mentioned persons, Shenzhen Microcomi not only uses these three small loan companies to lay out a guarantee platform, but also set up a large number of recycling platforms to build a huge and hidden “lending empire”.
The so -called recycling system refers to the third -party platform that distributes usury on the grounds of mobile phone leasing, gold leasing, and storage card sales.(For details, please refer to the report “Storage Value Card” “first -time payment”, a complete new channel, two weeks of interest rates as high as 56%”).
The reporter query through public information that Shenzhen micromey is also related to a small micro -e -commerce platform called “Micro -Enjoy Shop”.On a third -party complaint platform on an Internet, several customers have recently reported that the APP mall uses the sales storage card to collect high “cuts”.
(Complaint on a complaint platform for “micro -enjoys shop”)
According to the official website information, Shenzhen Micron Information Service Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017. The legal representative is Zhuang Yan, and the company is mainly engaged in asset risk control and disposal.Any institution, with the advantages of the LENGDING ++ cloud service of micron mobile Internet credit assets, can connect funds and assets quickly and quickly.
According to Zhuang Yan’s previous interview with the media, before starting a business, he had worked in the banking industry for about ten years. When he was on the front line, he mainly did business management and merchant services, such as payment and credit.Projects, such as’ Xingye Tong “, a business collects about one billion yuan each year.”
The reporter found that there are still many doubts on the above lending platform.
First, the scale of small loan companies under Shenzhen Microbi is not enough to support cross -provincial operations.According to the “Interim Measures for the Management of Online Small Loan Business (Draft for Opinions)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Draft for Solicitation of Opinions”) issued by the former China Banking Regulatory Commission and the People’s Bank of China.It is not less than 1 billion yuan, and the registered capital of small loan companies operating cross -provincial administrative regions operating online small loan companies does not be less than RMB 5 billion.At present, the registered capital of the two small loan companies related to Shenzhen Microblon is less than 300 million yuan, which are lower than the regulatory standards.
How to judge the law for consumers who borrow such loans?How do consumers defend their rights?A senior lawyer told reporters that if the lenders use the formatting terms and require borrowers to sign a specific guarantee company’s agreement, they are actually bundled sales and should be restricted accordingly.
For the judgment of usury, we need to pay attention to the terms of the loan contract and determine the relationship between the loan platform and the guarantee company.crime.The above -mentioned lawyers believe that there are still acts such as violent collection in the later period, and may even involve criminal crimes.
Another lawyer pointed out that from the perspective of civil fields, the two parties have expressed their truth and the transaction products are legal, which generally does not constitute illegal.But in essence, such behaviors are actually usury. This is strictly prohibited by my country’s “Civil Code” and may constitute illegal business crimes.
Broadcom analyzed the senior analyst of the financial industry, Wang Pengbo, told First Financial reporters that any institution can charge more actual expenses in other names. It is suggested that relevant institutions carry out effective compliance construction to reduce borderball products to be more durable.
Responsible editor: Ren Haopeng | Audit: Li Zhen | Supervisor review: Wan Junwei
(Source: First Finance)
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